Online Trading

With direct access to share market developments and updates, our comprehensive and analytically driven online trading portal provides investors the ability to conduct independent market trading through a highly reliable and secure online platform.

Equipped with up-to-date, real-time market information on stock prices and trends, investors are provided with all the right tools to stay informed when making buy and sell decisions. Whether experienced investors or individuals just dabbling for the first time, the Softlogic Online Trading Portal lets investors perform trading of shares securely and efficiently.

Leveraging the convenience and autonomy of online trading we offer our clients seamless access to information with quick and easy viewing of share market prices while providing expert advice and opinions on stock trades, customized to meet all types of investment strategies. Whether you’re trying to actively trade or follow a buy-and-hold strategy, our online trading portal along with guided investment advice from our experts will help you trade with ease. And with online trading investors can trade shares from anywhere on any mobile device while staying on top of market developments even while traveling.