Equity Research

‘Accuracy. Credibility. Integrity.’

Key market changes and events, regulatory changes and corporate undertakings, alongside objective insights and well-informed perceptions, are all crucial aspects for sound investment decisions that could maximize profitability in both tactical and strategic investments.

Softlogic Equity Research is amongst the most respected and sought after sources of research and reporting of Sri Lankan Market events as we work with a mission to providing high-quality market, economic and corporate research reporting. In doing so, we leverage our strong institutional relationships, global distribution potentials and sophisticated internal research.

Our dedicated research division is a leading provider of research on Sri Lankan equities and debt markets. Delivering Fundamental research and analysis to local and global corporate/ institutional clients, HNWI and retail investors. We are an independent research house operated by a team of highly experienced analytical minds, handpicked for their expertise, experience and acute level of understanding of the capital markets and the economy, with a minute to minute focus on economic, corporate and industry happenings.

With access to a plethora of research publications, Softlogic Equity Research publishes

  • Daily/weekly/monthly reports
  • Corporate reports
  • Economic updates
  • Research available on Bloomberg, Reuters and Factset.

Based on the accuracy, dependability, and timeliness of our research and analysis we have been able to enter into strategic partnerships with several leading international brokerage and investment firms. Furthermore, our Research reports are provided to North American clientele through Auerbach Grayson and we also provide research services to Exotix Partners LLP and Pictet and Cie, continuing on a growing professional partnership, expanding our services to the international investment markets.

Our research-based approach to selecting the right strategy for your investment provides institutional and retail investors the right service that centers on their investment goals and financial objectives. With a mission to grow the wealth of both institutional and retail investors who have partnered with us, our highly experienced investment advisors and the team of expert analysts works on a one-to-one basis, providing investors with

  • Portfolio analysis and research-based recommendations
  • Provide timely research reports and market analysis assisting investment decisions
  • The convenience of online trading with tools and research that facilitate independent trading

Our unique offering lies in our strong and broad expertise at understanding your financial objectives and in providing the right investment strategy based on your risk tolerance taking into account how much you are willing to invest and period of time you wish to invest in.