Equity and Debt Trading

Equity Trading

‘Invest at the Speed of Change’

More often investors lack the confidence in making the right investment choices due to inadequate access to constantly evolving market information flanked with an inability to gather insightful perspectives and analysis. Furthermore, the ability to identify timely profitable trades in the Colombo Stock Exchange, is a significant advantage that comes with a specialized understanding of how the stock market operates and an investigative look at market trends.

Stepping into the role of conduit between client and the stock market our investment advisors executes timely and effective trading of shares through personalised trading strategies. Our research team plays a crucial role in providing up to date, precise information enabling our advisors to draw the best strategy for trading and achieving investor objectives.

A trading member of the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE), Softlogic Stockbrokers (Pvt) Limited (SSB) is regulated by the Securities Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka. With over a decade of experience in trading in the Sri Lankan stock market, we serve both local and international retail High networth and institutional investors.

How We Operate

SSB role is that of a mediator between the and the Colombo Stock Exchange that facilitates investors to buy or sell equity and debt instruments from other investors. They simply place an order with the company, which then results in its execution on behalf of the client.

Debt Trading

‘Invest in your Financial Stability’

Working in the best interest of our clients, our team of investment advisors knows first-hand the value of giving utmost priority to your financial goals. Investing in fixed income instruments which guarantee a secured return enables you to save for future returns, helping you realize your financial objectives.

Investment horizon can be medium or long term and these instruments are interest-bearing bonds, where holders of such securities are entitled for periodic interest payments from the issuer [listed corporate entity] with principal value being repaid at the time of maturity by the issuer.

SSB provides investors with the ability to purchase or sell corporate debt instruments in the Colombo Stock Exchange through our team of advisors who command a collective experience of over 25 years in the business of trading and investing. Our clients are provided with key insights on interest rate changes and informed opinions followed by execution of debt trades.

SSB provides customized support and purchasing of debt securities for investors who require a fixed income or investors whose priority is in diversifying investment portfolios.